Monday, August 7th


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Because four hours is. How much guys ask the big stink it. Here's. What's that's still what to do what's with the famous Christmas story with big stick that that the tongue gets frozen the poll. As Chris Alter a Christmas story writer Eric hi my podcast it's recording now so. We just recently. Talked last week about an ice cream sandwich it didn't melt outside and Australia Austria look like in forty easily. There is an eighty degrees outside he got and downloaded a Mel. The wild animals and aunt who wouldn't even go miracle but I. Owning. That basically. That in Japan and you know they've created a popsicle now is that does not Smeltz one this is I didn't realise apparently a non melting ice cream is like a thing that science is working on achieving and why. Because our so apparently. They they say because. So much food as law's eyes Tim has lost his folks can't eat it fast have a starts not and so they want to stop the melting so that folks have time to enjoy it. The opponent Nordstrom's or want to as the dumbest thing I've ever heard it's reduce your eat faster loser. We're just focused we Irish hinges on something right so I can't find where like the originating at the stories again I saw this peninsula don't like Morgan on this so in Japan and they've created this like how where is this think it's I ask you doesn't help and how of course they are making them. And send text Joyce. So they're like sex toward popsicle this extra possible these stick. And you wizards sleeve mennonite into the Christmas story and how he's tough and yes stuck to eat frozen situation yes and if you developed and developing a possible doesn't melt I assume there might be some. I'm about wearing pin. Right now I'm melts. Eventually it'll melman an obvious yeah. I was I'm assuming that these are not don't have any metal on them. It's but still it's like but I could see the warmth and you know yeah. They coolness of that causing an initial possible sticky stick stick might just feel there. Yeah I'm not saying it's gonna what was called then I am what's so who's on his groove I'm guessing growth alto social news on her website I got how many Google radar distribute it you know anyone is selling vaginal popsicle since Clinton couple but I was assigned to the vaginal ponson has not been. Yes yes please do dual two words from vaginal popsicle and tell me that something actually comes off. Please tell me something and you get development on a work computer. How. I did it. Did it come up with a you can go to this website thing known yet because we're not there yet sometimes our computer system or security will say yes you can not view this web site. And has six tour issue that has and it's adding it is sexed well yeah. What happened when you did vagina abominable thing I got I think I got just a lot of things that looked like they were shady oh. No it just is telling me who nope just system. Isn't that something is done your room where like. If you were to use like ice cubes are out there like during pregnancy can help with the delivery or something. It. And here you heard me. I heard that if viewed during labor whatever we do throw some coldness on up there are localized who disarm what he had done it helps things out is that true just try to throw anything up there are during labor now that's not have to marry like that that you look a little like Elena populism now cooled things down. You burner that is an exit all really an island maybe sickening I've been there now what does want stuff she'll now move and I want it. I'm nursing a possible and also that they'd like grabbed it took him in many. He flooding. All we got the gloves again. I don't know if a problem. You couldn't seem so yeah ours we are you for a few years to get them out you can play yeah. About it now era. Lovely kind and we were gonna come back whenever this article. So while lower look searching for this article about your Japanese pop sickle. Sox to a site hours later on that there's a another couple of another story that came out that we have heard you've heard about it and I and then come American do you have this weird look on your prison do it. But how the the admin and the evolution of sex sells. And other become a leg almost like robotic images very realistic they claim is not good. We look at the picnic it's just I. Agree I think it's sailors and a diamond on actual real woman everywhere he goes a bit behave better open. Shots that helps check this out there's a company. They added that does these dolls and missile for a lot of money that apparently says that the majority of their customers. Are now marrying. Their sex couples. Well I mean. They feel they've had nothing left to live for us to the death of a spouse of human relationship. Armed is a three month waiting list to get your hands on one of these rubber plastic partners' own way and this out. The on almost every aspect of these sex doll is customizable so you can have your dream woman. And the flagship doll is called harmony. And she comes with it. Anymore 42 of nipple color call options. And it it it fourteen different. Dishwasher friendly Lamy had to choose from I listen guys I guess that can happen. And if he Ollie so Dan peaking now we got to worry about nipple color here's the problem you walk a little problem. I don't even know you just need to put that these putting dishwasher in and you other news. Why are you can either you have its own solo wash cycle on a bigger putting him in America. With the gravy boat in the end the salad would you imagine going to help unload somebody's dishwasher as you over the present there's a Libya. Nearly as your top. That's not really we don't would you be. The way if you have five grand to spend and you're not do with the women and you know you don't wanna house of the Al real wanted to get a shaky. That's dishwasher safe dish when it's got to be dish where you may you gotta keep you sings clean. At least it doesn't know what happens option. They did think of cleaning analogy using four I do not know what you're not so. Also I wanted to know the Japanese sex toy aisle saying yes if you Google ice cream sex two way. You'll be in data with information you didn't know existed did you Clayton news or images is so I know better than to click images the images are thinking instead images at. There are a lot of ice creams and it's always so that I can't find the specific non melting Japanese version. So I am leaving this podcast super disappointed in in humans. We're healers and Jumbo will be back at it tomorrow morning for another fun filled podcast in June didn't all the birdies this is discussed and the more you know. Should we expect. In 1973. And huge. Remain unnamed woke up to three and to some noise outside this Texas home. An armadillo was on his property in our man grabbed his gun. Went outside and shot the animal three times one time no. A bullet bounced back often the armadillo charged out and struck the man who was most likely in Yosemite Sam boxers curry from the job highest filmed the screen is bright out the misses he was airlifted to hospital and his job was wired shots. They did not find an armadillo anywhere I however did find while looking at armadillo fact that people eat them and call it possible on the half shell. Did you. Can at least. It's fried chicken chain in Tokyo called ten cub karma sue just creating new dipping sauce that's flavored like swept. Specifically the sweat from a band called common Josie. Course is not made with real sweat they took just what from the day I figured out they just sort of replicated with a mix of salt lemon juice and cheese piece. And now people didn't get their chicken tenders in that. Now I'm thing in my eyes what flavor would be more at least salty vodka and blend of ask you what would yours be. On Mandela. Desert slavery armadillo sweat. They taste like pork. Good on TV the thirteenth season finale of the bachelorette at 8 PM on ABC and that's the truth back in fact I found that out all of the armadillo stuff. TV beginning at 8 PM on fox could come tell perform. And now what showed me this morning. We love is dead. Chris Pratt and affairs are separating them or expect and it should be but over the last eight years even ice won't owe their matching dead bug collection shared hobby and I hate bugs. There was a timing thing and I quote our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny. I'm until last year we killed off celebrities and legends and this year we can love. Love these balls are insulting in about armadillo they can prepare. In sports Marlins beat the Braves sort of normal adult and Sanjay code 21 year ten million dollar deal and browns go now to Jason Taylor inducted into the hall of fame over the weekend. Finally did change dot org petition calling for Americans to boycott watching NFL games unless Colin cabernet is signed. The hash tag no tavern at no NFL was turning yesterday and as of this morning they whopping 31000. People assigned. There's also calls this stuff mentioning their teams on social media until cap and decide well after yesterday it's sad to say dolphin fans failing miserably at that. I don't electric funny about it kick out. Neither do we honey bunny. The big mistake is done for today. Earnings from six to him on South Florida's alternative 104.3. The issue arc.