Thursday, July 13th


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I've been consistent in Syria is what you got for us we got anything guy man I don't have a whole lot. I have to get home but I video is that are you thinking about right now that's all been thinking about for two weeks is disturbing IE had a problem no I will let that result I gotta tell you if I didn't have that timeline constriction online game I would still be now. In it weren't I would wiggle that right now a little yeah I am playing I'm all in auto racing's a plane in this auto racing simulation game so basically telling you guys we've had no sleep this entire week. Yeah and it's like announcing LA I should be going to save us like you know 930 Telecom on Gilmore a similar mores of that also was 1150 about maturity if it's just until midnight is around it off but then -- got all -- talent win a race and then and those that I can't false until I want one you think we're counting how many hours he actually had this evening to your movie alarmed times on your alarmed his fifteen minutes countered that point now this was the conservative on some lacrosse yesterday. I saved the game to someone my computers that need to restart for an update and hangs on restart the game every launch it. As will the loading up top. That I apparently is keeping track of how many hours. Playing the day how many hours it's been two just under two weeks that a 111. Not that I don't have children yeah. That that there are. So look for my dear I don't rent and I actually got ready it would be like an hour from me to get ready great shower heels she is the whole brutal. Do you know what the hell like you do in an hour now I can coach grant mr. while getting ready and two other people already doing laundry while doing my make up and driving a car at the same time and use a good 111 hours. He is doing exactly what liked what woody is building cars need regime. And Horacio we are building in my got a modern times and well great stuff and it's an Indy was buried in debt you got it is eerie desolate seal hunter who put on an eleven. The bucket behind Tony for. A form four and a half days of course I think it's do or not. Soon to an over last two weeks I've played this game so we just learned so much about toe to sit it there. As we applaud sex that's got to go after two weeks Don yeah yeah that's that's. Until it's right there and you know that's and you know what because of that pretty early to buddy it it it's got below while it become little I have a sickness I need to get help side. Hell no he needed now. I think and that amazing napping and play in the game that's and have some I'm putting no effort into the shopping. How different from anything we do. Bringing whatsoever and I iron just throwing these these stories together I don't know what's happening nothing is snow and that is the moment we just not it didn't and yeah so that just happen. All my god I gotta get home here and they. You tell your plan can think what halfway through this is I gotta finish the season all his fellow happens soon. It seldom like Utica Unisys and I'm ignoring the fiscal alone my life he's a real world problems we have first world Aaliyah. These stories that. An analyst kayaking and I think he's Iraq. Or and that's what he thought as he turned around he was face to face with a great white shark that would suck to add to the sucking the shark sheiks the kayak enough to launch the man how. Go to. And into the water that is the opposite of where you want and that moment they believe scrambled back in the kayak got back to shore safely when interviewed he says even kayaking for twenty years that they fixed fee. Exercise it's not worth your life. Is that going to be an act kayaks and. Ha ha ha ha ha ha follow in the footsteps of the laser cutting both know called. It seems the bull god is running for US senate in Michigan that's right. Kid Rock for senate dot com when active yesterday along with a tweet from the man singing major now some would be coming soon. The main question being asked right now is this for real or is this just a ploy to unload the Merck's I for one hope was very real. I want him on the United States senate for starting speeches with my name. And most importantly I want his health care legislation to be ball with the Bada bing bang and I want to be digging these total up jumped the ball he had all of us and we'll never got the warrior batted again. Word that. What are the world's largest icebergs was just created a chunk of Larson's the ice shelf and Antarctica has broken off its 2200 miles about the size of Delaware. The issue isn't bulletin affects sea level. Scientists say there was no immediate impact there should be no day after tomorrow lake's story coming to a beach near you. This is the first part of the appeal though because they have to name the iceberg. Are you thinking what I'm thinking let's tradition old an online contest to name the sucker right yeah. On the icy Mitt iceberg I feel like you have a song and maybe we can hold the next possible there. Finally one of the coolest space exploration we have going on right now is did you know spacecraft and its mission to document Jupiter up close and personal. The guest John dominates our solar system and its giant red spot has fascinated us ever since we first thought. Well on Monday Juno made a low pass directly over Jupiter's giant red spot. And the photos are not a bond closer examination scientists believe the red spot is basically a planetary sized case of herpes simplex ten. Scientists believe you were contracted it millions of years ago during an unprotected space tryst with your anus your anus. Your name is that's fifteen them uranium. I don't get electrified me it by kick out.