Monday, June 19th


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Your favorite story today. Old boy who. All while my favorite headline was the thing about mass almost a probe during this year reign as Snead looked at the gas through perhaps because that's what you do when you're proving year you know as I love the I love the guy that wants to look for all of the slogan for low volume in the inner. An all the wrong places well cult. His problem was letting us know that he was looking for Lowell with a fitness and that's really where he went wrong step one here out he you know what if you guys did not catch that's his toes was reading the paper. Could she have to explain to us it's like a piece of people with different stuff on John on the doorstep it's like this crazy thing I've never heard what happens is back in the day we used to chop down trees and return the trees in the paper first saint print the news on the paper it's now we just get little no push notifications on our phone for the news this right blot is saving the trees an oxygen. There you go anyways I do get the Sunday paper sold just on Sundays in this that was in there is a photo and our FaceBook did this ancient piece of news you re all doing this again is getting more expensive it. Off obsolete now getting mouse and a couple twos and fifty dollars. Hey neighbor ridiculous. What what's this guy is is. Russian. We signal eastern you've got eastern European we've reading an arrest the national morning it is written a data says. Looking for a good woman to marry you said noticed is good deals thankful good woman tomorrow. To an age of 47 to seventy. I entered the years old seeking a nicely between 47 to seventy. With view to marriage way to Malia added only sincere persons please email biography with recent photo. An email so I am ran out of biography bombing actually it's gonna find a photo. Yeah I've got a photo I know exactly which could reusing it wanted as a someone that we know he had kids who does it do so and then he's can do not only this is the podcast you can send it really is you're gonna sit me that they how quickly our staffer in the building you know what it. Mums the word we don't have anyone on the staff to look 67 ma. A man had so many bad jokes when they're out the sale items I wonder if I was an assistant but I like my testicles yeah I. That is sure to get it sits on the dean might illegals will get hurt later but yeah. It cook it could be removed it didn't get up up up up. Does not dirty things to do. Did you and. A guy in Pennsylvania his balls were heard it Almeida and he brought she could he could be proxy here is nuts were Perkins back it's his right one in particular and he was like yo doppler right ball is killing me you know doctor gives you should probably have never moved to reset the unemployment and any clubs and it's this stuff all taking care and the next say he's like I'll meet feel the lack of right testicle I have. Why is Larry just consult their typical because they got rid of the left testicle they took out the wrong nuts. They deep and guided him that's bad and now he's suing for 870000. Dollar. All of that and it's what's security numbers just million yeah right right yes. It's 810 miles an unhappy equation for pain and suffering this amount lack of testicle all that the worst far. He's still got to get the right one removed so now he is going to be ball his deal is right I need to go another fifteen years and pain and suffering which is what I did not doing well or I can be completely not listen to my question to you is is to would you care if you're missing nuts is really. The state is more important than the batteries are 80 no known on this stick is the tool. Bomb the batteries. Are like though the motor behind the tool that the tool is useless without the bears the bears are the brain all know that guy and just doesn't fire bullets without the berries the gun distillate gun you could still take the gun and just with somebody with a and it's not just his base in what you're doing by and remove the boys you're losing the handle to the gun tonight you would have a gun just has a barrel you can have known over the head with that is suited you can cope with that go off the sort of thing you want to welcome. Anyway this icing all the money because now other gonna have to insert state. Balls indeed his screw rural area while he hears this so if I was the doctor Billy get you say that 2000 dollars you want two more balls. The that'll be 870000 all I mean listen you can what you could do is they could make this fun they could turn each of his testicle and elect a small magic eight ball. And then he. If you'd like to go quick fix it and see what pops up on each that's how did you go to Erica how did your mind and do that there's a magic to escalate ball. We're gonna end on that you would do it to beat this whole segment house. These stories did. Ounces nineteen. Rumors were true if you didn't feel the earth shifts last Monday as queen bees twins were born her father confirmed yesterday apparently it's a boy and a girl is dockers and paparazzi report blue and pink balloons being delivered. Of course this could be an Immersion as former president Barack Obama said in the message last week they were having two more girls you know the answer to an account and this announcement is gonna break all the records in the greatest of all times. Actually the only one of the world does not overjoyed about beyoncé is twins is there oldest child blue light heat and did I almost two thirds of mine here institute brats and thirty minutes. This still. There's an old saying if at first you don't succeed try try again normal is pretty good advice but sometimes you must realize that another failure is enough and you must move on. So congratulations to marvel studios for a realizing their shortcomings and staring us another 120 minute dumpster fire known as. The fantastic four are. The studio had told him on news this weekend that there are zero plans or even thoughts about a fourth attempt at the franchise fee should the studio will instead focus on upsetting every Asian person on the planet with season two while the iron fist. Amazon's getting off fancy pants we know about the drones they plan on utilizing at some point in the future what we'll do everything you get your dish soap. Sox ten customers and other drunken prime purchases then a crazy amount the web based brick and mortar killer dropped thirteen point seven billion that's with a beat. On the whole foods and organic GMO gluten free food and fancy cheese is about to be a click away that I'm on board Amazon train. Of course this is the real deal for Amazon do if you worst art put it on Amazon prime cars they got 5% back. Sports marlins' loss in Atlanta five to four Brooks cop got the West Palm Beach won the US open in the Celtics are traded at number one overall pick in the NBA draft. To these 76ers for the number three pick and a bunch of future number one's. Finally the most decorated athlete in history has been all of the humans and so now you'll challenges super predator. Michael felt full racing great white shark is part of shark week great Weis can hit the 25 miles per hour while swimming well Phelps tops out at six miles per hour. So simple math we'll tell you that without safety precautions Michael Phelps will be killed during shark week that was three. I don't get electric let me get a kick out.