Thursday, June 15th


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Lot of big mistake continues Ashley out just you know what this week for some reason I guess some groceries from across the week it's kicking your ass and this is a weak mentally you know what it is is also law it's June. And we really haven't had any meat case in since December. And I we have Ellen a whole week off the auto sales and we've elegant day here thereby RA analyst and the reality is that this schedule can Wear on you. Just because of the the hour in which you wake up but miss kicking my ass this in my area I Hisham what you have followed this week and what led Dallas several common over that. You're a cook into all that good fun stuff. You know he's you know we're not there yet the she looks like she wants that you bowl reconciled. And I. And the fight is a typical how quickly we get migraines and my family and a lot of them often but this this telling me it's something else are it's a no we're not at the point where in the older parents have passed off the traditions yet all cut so it's like Father's Day. You know my husband is not the monarch of the family we go to Israel who would monarch yet noted for king you know. All all all like a butterfly. On his feet. Do we go to their fans it's all about then you know it's still about the mother in laws and about a dozen mom holds fathers it's not about us welcome they'd like mother statement about me it's about my mom threw for sure for sure so yeah will probably just be acts. The will of other people will he get inebriated on Father's Day and. I know he doesn't concede that slipped it's not most not a lot of gold on the day here I think we are really give my cinema off with his friends are hiring well yeah like how to there's of course comes homey you know little and I actually last year didn't use a range for golf for him. Would you return for this year on so far. So much stuff. I mean I have so me and slick I have plans on top of lands had. We bought him a gift and it's so many gifts I somatic uttered a single they're waiting right there at the senior anybody get that from yourself. Right from the daughter rates and from the soft and I also want to buy all the other dads gets so hit my dad my yeah any either. Yeah I'm just ions so you know I'm really permanent enemy that. I don't know what in the what you're running in life I don't I have to put that ignorant it didn't let that I will you let the children pick out what they wanna give data when you just pick it up for them to you can destroy him crossing has used in new Sunday. On the I will give them some construction paper and some crayons. All of you imply any reporting I mean you're gonna give him he's the hate that beautiful or what we're gonna start there I'll walled would be. That is a garbage gift what would you want provider not construction paper like. Outlook could give them down but blow Mota got the bottom and a driver pooled their money yeah and upon our men like yeah. And the blazing golf back. Has to be one of the kids hasn't got a secret bank account and keep the heat up on the keyboard held pay on ads dated him. I think it gives you you have plenty of money left over considering the W never bought your some parents have strength you need them under. It has been a money I don't move up its I would ask you ask me who didn't let. These stories the. Why is John verbal he's 71 he bought into the Kansas city bank with an Al claiming he had a gun he got 3000 dollars didn't know locked down that lobby and waited for police when police arrived they arrested him. And I yeah you guys why why would you do this well kids he hated his wife so much he wanted to go somewhere she could not. Jail he says and they courted rather be in prison than with her however Tuesday he was sentenced. Just six months out so that's that's it any 171 year old behind it not how the united it is you've got to wonder what the old men did did you. Serve at credit karma is big films on this person myself. Don't look now but there is a crisis developing in France and this one as serious it is the great willful shortage of 2017. Is actually more of Matt. It's an all out French pastry Armageddon the reason. France is running out of water and our favorite French pastries are made of like 25%. Water. The water shortages caused prices to soar and now small bakeries are having trouble for him and gold bars of fatty goodness the rises mainly blamed on falling melt steel and France in the sad the most not I guess is used to make cheese and cream not water. Other shortage has lawmakers during the worst of folks will start holding butter churning parties in their houses. Those of course have been banned in France since the great butter churning massacre of 1997. Yesterday an innocent sweet literally balloon minds writer what are blue check to actually see Ford tweets out yesterday this is the one year anniversary of me finding out Sasha Obama's name is actually. Natasha. So it's been a house of lies this whole time I every again and then Google it's true. Thought she is a nickname the first Stanley had for their second born not chef does went on the birth certificate. How this slip past all of us next that Phillip and they'll learn that belief is really named bore. The army and these ties to Russia to dig deeper than we all think. The Marlins beat the ages eleven to six and finally he fight to end all fights is now gonna have been. May weather McGregor will throw down on August 26 at the MGM grand. No word yet on pay per view price is but don't be surprised if you have to give up your right so one of your children the fight of course will feel the love of all the hype why. Because in Mayweather has never lost a boxing match. Well McGregor. Has never fought in a boxing match that was three. I don't get electrified me it by. Kick out.