Wednesday, June 14th


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Hi people from the podcast world why you're here on the website. Senate that some club you now yeah a big thing is going down and we're just had a big show. We just had a big show you are there's a bigger so we do every year we didn't do one in December bringing the fault of shark wreck I think we said too much yeah I dug his heels and become what some call number you mean. To become one. At some club member. Let's just say there's going to be an announcement soon that's for you would find out here on the site right here right now you can be putting in your email while you were listening to us on a separate tab just put control in. And it troubled pop up or procedure on right now to I was a mouse you get that as well that might interrupt us though and the white wanna control and every control and it'll just pop up front like mentally and work in the things I did and just you had to go there. You do that. It was nice clean anyway conversation some club and you join you brought race into it I don't know what race should talk to my house talking about man cheering you can why did you get Hillary and I and Europe Africa and Portuguese. Portuguese dolls and we get into that your Portuguese and milk and yeah yeah oh yeah now yeah artsy yeah. Though in your interview here Apache I don't think sine you're right I'm Sergio you're not clear how you apaches were and you have never lived and went while I mean you do not know how to make the team. My main target India though you like god. Into the test I can put a TP together it's and my blood no you couldn't I actually couldn't I could see how they reloaded TPI. The spirit animal cells spirit the spirit animal guide me I bet it's like Mike Pence for a rat does not mean he does not need to worry loyal you heard me your patrol Nissen who put the hell's the throne that is the spirit animal from the wizard in world of Harry Potter. So it's fake it's totally real. Really his fate for you to you don't complex a what do you play quickly your spirit they're viewing your spirit and we just acquitted studio now that's ridiculous repeal but that's that's the line we're crossing crossed. The stories. The man from India was bitten by it venomous snake while sleeping reports are that he identified the snake and knew he wasn't gonna make it really says to his wife. My last wish is to go peacefully eat with few. Polite beyond. So sorry about that I'm loving this might. She didn't bite her and it's just read imported and the point isn't reading is either an actual thing or the bite was so bad she passes out but they both end up in the hospital and he did not survive now again I never be in this situation so no like rule I've trained myself to automatically kicks some. Someone decent they tend to bite me because. On the like skills to do. The story of an old man and Arizona he's getting on in life and is not a move into retirement home. So his neighbor helping clean out his garage and spot the signs LA lakers poster. He recommended they called memorabilia got to come out and appraise it appraisers are the post was worth about 300 bucks but something else in that garage caught his life. A Jackson Pollock painting worth fifteen million dollars. Seems the old man had an estranged sister who passed away back in the ninety's well he's a golfer some positives garage and Meredith salve for almost thirty years. About four bastard I mean Phillies he's set for his final years but I'm sure he would have preferred that cash thirty years ago when he could've spent it on some simple propositions. North Carolina mother of three Tiffany Johnson went on a cruise ended when those snorkeling in the Bahamas adventures of the last couple on the Crusoe when not. She in the hobby they hop in the water there exploring in Tiffany Dunston is something she calmly turns around. And there's a shark. With her arms. In his mouth. In his mouth. He apparently yanks back trying to get her arm out of his mouth by the way you punch him in the guilt I learned that with both in Phoenix that's another story for another time but Tiffany told again in the shark takes her arm off it's funny I read this yesterday over a pint of ice cream while I was thinking about things. But I think I need one if you're Smart Marlins. BP pays eight to one and finally after hearing about the 133 grand someone dropped on two tickets to game five of the NBA finals. Your pricing and that was the biggest indulgence of the evening not so much seems the warriors went high and for their locker room celebration with this campaign bill totaling. 200000. Dollars it's called Kristall people and the warrior sprayed the majority of it on the floor it was the worst case of alcohol abuse in the NBA. This is ever. Since Dennis Rodman merit a bottle of data Meister and. I don't electric let me get a kick out.