Tuesday, June 13th


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Toast wants to walk in front of us because we just talked about and I don't know if you hear the feed before after the podcast to listen to it doctor Ruth cook. See you were listened and kept a little more I think it comes via yeah. You. Know act at. I have listened to the podcast before it up at one airport through the shark dot com Yuma but the only wants a doctor Bruce can you think that the that the doctor Ruth you know her is that shaky be like yeah not to -- blood C blog lots of people well listen in doctor Revere it we can make jokes now but you know for more like you've been a huge reason why sex is. Not a taboo thing anymore just using ninety years old who's been on tab doing sex for quite some time and not do the movie that's. Now this is not resort implementing some taboos or. But it's out now or crossing where we're gonna. Brian Oakley we don't cross too many lines that she was asked if they're going to go light. It on the whole ride right mingling of cinematic is podcasting and totally do around here here but it's good Catholic are you gonna go then like hardcore that's that she's now and she said. Here's my thing I want to know who is going to play her name Kim main mail I believe was an Austrian accent because he's got that heavy accent. So you'd have young doctor you're like yeah there's going to be an accident he's not human it's got to be a big time star raw lady and they complain her who you have right guy who grew until I have no idea this is all about her life so we were talking. Every actor yet having the the the teenage moments he became whore right great ball commitment and then though the middle age which you just have to realize they have Beimel or can make money at this river and then the last one which is. And now war rally on the nine year old Courtney and I don't know who you find it's like a young rise in the played her I don't know who plays her I'll tell you what. Comes to mind real quick but that's just because Felix will be tight captain this kind of stuff for forever to Cody Johnson the girl that's been doing that shades of gray in between owner doctor Susan with a sex bully it's just that she's already like gone down that kind of soft sold street is also a there's a former was there are Sasha grey who's a mainstream actress not a used to be a porn star I'll I don't know her ought to do. How sorry she Q yeah. And I just I unites not just say it's clear they an accomplished actress I can't I can't really think of who. I've picture as I doctor Ruth though. MTV the looks they they have the like. And I understand them on their show you know a lot of the dirty dirty. But you gotta put a cap what he did and now like we've ceiling on our fiftieth birthday is the last time she you see it isn't anything and we don't need sixty year old seventy year old. Not her fiftieth birthday is the last time she's ever had sex forty years waiting egos and the like you at the beginning of the movie you really see now the stuff. If he's style doubt they'd be in its source in the slope can often window while the breezes on the news and it means that ways that back it just shows up copies of Wal-Mart are. Yeah. Garcia. I'm not on my god our Ivan Google in this whole time and there is Noelle Lee. Or word as student who may be playing doctor Ruth at all how much. How much you think she was Haiti to for the movie rights to her life school millions of dollars rise much as she is paid for all of us. I don't think she actually took money for this energy did the sexes either write the books and then she got money for the ball if she's that good and we're showering her money and give us and they didn't give her DS. I was out of the estimated are all prerequisites that hey if this happens I expect five bills on the yacht squadron the Dresser woman leave well because when you're that good five pills to students here aren't advisor before you leave Tony bill was Atlanta 2000 now here's. My opponent my paint your I keeper and my fax number please tell me again he thinks universal with a married man how first page and canoe and yeah just a first serve regular well maybe not she is judges old school. And I've been reading a few things now and I've really should or research and that's what I mean by it. How many husbands it's yeah I can't do not only her husband here and there's a lot of suffer this movie don't wanna learn from when total rootkit I have lost a lot more questions than I thought we are convinced that they keep popping into my head and. Quest. Is going to be able to see Wonder Woman and help them with more questions. I. We celebrate control here on the big mistake. Most of the time comes from Twitter but today I bring you an advertising campaign that I had nothing to do it. This is all right place right time is Smirnoff vodka and not even some sort of new startup vodka. Senior golf shouldn't do ad campaign yesterday it's up on FaceBook now to surged 104 feet short. It's safe and I quote. Made in America but we'd be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath in court and take notes kids that's a solid burn. There's little doubt that we are raising young people who were incapable of getting along without their phones. Well principle in Philly is going old school to try to incentivize your students to simply use their phones less this summer specifically. Charting their phone off one day a week. So they can go without a phone for the eleven Tuesday's over summer break she will pay them a hundred box students will need to have two adult sign off on the fee to cash in. And with about a 160 students eligible she could be on the hook for as much as 161000. Dollars. Now these kids did this the heaviest person in that school come September the home room drug dealer. Doctor Ruth the famous glove expert is coming to the big screen unintended not able document this experts life she's releasing the film in time for her ninetieth birthday and when asked if there would be lots of horizontal mambo in she said of course. But if all of the youngsters can now find out of old people still do the horizontal tango we did just ask toast I suppose but I know my family information one thing is for sure the doctor Ruth movie. Is sure to have a great climax. Everybody does remain sort of walk the track and good guy sports supporters and NBA champions they beat the cavs won 291 Tony so disgusting. Kevin Durant named MVP LeBron James gets more love more finals then you won. By a last night's game did see the most expensive seat ever for an NBA game. One fan who obviously is in the morning DJ. Burgess to courtside season paid a total 133000. Dollars. These these normally go over three grand apiece. And if you're nor the last time you saw the fees that Ticketmaster charges this dude had a Ford over 171000. To cover the fees alone. Luckily for him Ticketmaster provides high end customers with complementary loom before they feel you. What is your fee. I don't electric let me back kick out.