Monday, June 12th


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Pay broadcasters. Imus the rain is raining right now is really good to Raymond yeah apparently this whole all of them were in hearsay and all the rest stop apparently was downpour we eat white man you sitting inside and hoping port to come back we're a team whatever one of us what those other dogs and the all of. Bono Bo no her eyes just went live by my boy is too new and heat is having. It's hard teach children the difference between you and throw a ball outside. We can't throw ball inside offshore okay. No throwing you can't throw that card you can throw this you know like OK so high the one of those things here I I slap my hand and then the only thing you can slap on me no I'm fighting it so if it is simply in the lake is getting immigrants like it's even if snubs I. Smack in the face cool and funny. Great and I don't think funny. The girl upstairs she got it like I I didn't debates and pushing him back mold this is teaching and that baby since you're so I went to set a new rule this weekend. It's one of you gets in trouble but you both get in trouble. Rule unacceptable you can not that hard setting. You are changing. Generations of precedent we can't do that now can't do that. Now if it dean pushes Zell now they're both in trouble because she's helping breed that he'd a year and a sheep which is they're both in trouble now. None you can only how they're not a team minicamp on its way aren't other I want the money. Long married and together they are going to work together does that have Brothers and sisters one day this brother and the related is that how you and your brother or tsunami Amma has a sore tomorrow will bring us together well. In my eyes is a word and had been warned that and I know any other Brothers right on the were originated were undoubtedly well did your mom I'm this rule. Number you can't. And I made them attack him and I'm gonna tell you what happens I made that roll hall Albany. In that my daughter has pushed dean and once she had that question in the last 36 hours are. No cat no sure that'll last well when it is what happened in the getting in trouble and does not emit over. If she pushes him he gets in trouble that's right that we get grounded if she pushes him worked together and then you retaliate she did they agree on more if she has pushed him it's the kids. Has put her know that we kept pushing I don't know that. You don't know I run around the title for sure you have no idea can be anything can look you don't do a little princess to drink and go ahead and push his buddy my. Sure thing chic in if you retaliate by pushing to go get trouble because I know she brought him to that point they both had something to do with that. If one doesn't travel. Now they are nervous Clinton is you have you have just created a precedent which is going to root. This is going to be the reason dean why why he is on a street corner selling drugs her and she is on a poll upside down with three different debt and will be working together as a DMT eat. Shall I know sort of actually work and appalled at the Heidi back they're going to be keep it together maintained because of one does something wrong the other being my mommy hated us teen mom. Was tired of saying. And everybody the trouble misty regions parent or brilliant. I'll look you can't read parenting book homeowner just you know what I did this to help you got really good talent for me because of the help yes it's. These stories. Ounces nineteen. Then California seventeen folks visiting Disneyland Ron main street when suddenly collapsed. And in ninety plus degree heat their hit with a barrage of fecal matter. At first this group thought someone would add them however it was just bad timing is a group of geese flew over the park and well. Gotta go you gotta get out the guess that were affected were taken to a private bathroom. And as you know a pregnant Mickey Mouse that's a nasty pretty swanky then there are given new clothing and hats and released back in bemusement park that's. Actually probably the best way to get a bunch of free merchandise that I've ever seen her audience. Generally I would say you are smarter than most because you live in South Florida. But not this morning. You made a big mistake in not just by a loser and this show you should be living in sun city California because then you would have a 435. Million dollar powerball ticket in your possession. And because you're such a wonderful person. You give it to host of your favorite morning radio show a million dollars apiece as things for all the early morning laughs they've given you over the decades. Of months. But now do you live in the sun capital. Not the Sun City so often working go in up to three amigo yeah. Pass tag I wasted twenty dollars on that drawing. There's a video that's gonna pop up on your timeline because I posted a 1043 the sharks FaceBook page. I watched it did you watch it over apparently a spider somehow gotten to a woman here I Google how this can happen then. Don't do that I won't sleep for weeks and I'm never taking my eyes off my children. Every game video shows what I assume to be a professional getting a spider out of a woman's here basically I regret ever even seen the still look. A new video and since misery loves company and sharing it went all of you know. Healthy Monday. In sports met US men's national team got a much needed point in Mexico last night drawing 11 they massive third in the hacks. The penguins are still a cup champions again maybe deter predators to nothing last night to win in six games and the Marlins lost the Potter Stewart the one. Finally NBA telecasts will look different next season as Charles Barkley will spend the off season match. Eighth that farm he wants to lose all the weight so ladies want to give him all the hippies that was. I don't get. Electrified me it by kick out.