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Sassy Cats: Bet You Can't Pull Off Attitude Like This

June 18, 2017

Cats are sassy - it's a fact.  And if you've ever spent even a short amount of time around them then you know that cattitude is a real thing.  These fussy felines certainly have it down.

Sneering like a champ:

"You're late." --❤️--#catsofinstagram #sassycat #timekeeper #cat #ilovemycat #iwaslate #sheknew

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What the hell do you think you're looking at?

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Do you have any idea how hot it is in this coat?

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You deserve this death look...

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Do you have something to say?

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Every week I volunteer at the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park.  More specifically, I work inside the owner's house helping to take care of the abused, hurt, disfigured, and abandoned kitties that no one wants.  It's emotional to see the terrible pain that has been inflicted on them but extremely rewarding to see these tragic creatures transformed into healthy, happy pets ready for a loving home.  Help us spread the word!  I'll post up a picture of a kitty that needs a home each week and if you want to adopt one, please contact Inga at 561-307-3962.

This week: Sassy Cat.  The inspiration for this edition of Mel Right Meow.  She's cute, she's sweet, she has cattitude.  A cuddle kitty till she's not, this girl will keep you on your toes.  Her nibbles don't hurt - they're just a friendly warning that she'll accept your love on her terms.  Call to take her home today!